Katie Casebolt
1 min readApr 5, 2022


What a jinxed week.

Had my first playwritght festival this week. Finally, being accepted into a show that an actual actor will memorize and perform in front of (on zoom) my friends and family! I was through the ROOF with people saying they registered to support me! People I didn’t even expect!

And THEN! AS it was starting on Zoom the lady in charge of the whole thing (which was not as professional as one would hope) seemingly did not practice Zoom ahead of time because she couldn’t figure out how to share her screen to roll the video she made for the two hour show. So five minutes into the festival she cancelled it for BOTH DAYS and said that she MIGHT put it on YouTube later.

So now only could NOBODY, myself included, see even my own short piece, but it’s also NOT what I signed up for. I sent my play in for a festival to try to get credit and my name out there. Not have my shit attached to SOMEONE ELSE’S youtube account that I can’t even use as a credit anymore.

Then my stage/writing IG got hacked and the near 50 connections I have worked to cultivate and maintain to get the fuck out of michigan and so on the last few months are GONE.

I joked about being a jinx. Now I know I’m a jinx.